The positive side of putting your art out there.

The positive side of putting your art out there.

Since my last post was all about the negative side of putting your art out there in the big wide world of the internet, I thought I would share a recent positive experience I had. I was contacted some months ago by the representative of a South Korean poet named Heeduk Ra. Apparently she had seen my work on the web and loved it, & she very much wanted to include it in an upcoming book being published of her work called ‘To Her’. I had never heard of her before (I’m not really familiar with anyone from South Korea) but apparently she is very well known in her country. I was asked if I would be willing to p rovide 11 high rez images of the artwork she had chosen and send it via dropbox to the publishing company. After a few emails back and forth we worked out the details and size requirements, I was also sent a few translated poems to preview.

This really was a leap of faith on my part but sometimes I think you just have to go with your instincts and I didn’t feel any reservations about the people I was dealing with and trusted them and their word. Did I get money for it? No. Did I get ‘exposure’? Maybe, but thats not why I did it. Sometimes it’s just about creative people working together to produce something meaningful…..thats it. And I am very happy to have this beautiful treasure of a poetry book inscribed to me by the author from the other side of the world!
My experiences with putting my artwork out there on the internet have been absolutely positive in so many ways, I have ‘met’ some truly wonderful people, and I love what I do!

  1. That was a beautiful post, Karen. Your work really resonates with me – figurative and abstract.


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